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Creative Inspiration From A 423 Year-Old Novel

Hello everyone, how’s it going?

I was reading Monkey on my lunch break and came across a sweet little exchange between two of the characters. If you’re not familiar with the book, Monkey is a 1942 abridged translation of the classic Chinese novel, Journey to the West, by Wu Ch’eng-en, written circa 1592. It is arguably the most popular novel in China, with tons of adaptations coming out all the time (there was seriously a television show that came out in 2010, and then another one, a different one, that came out a year later).

Monkey tells of Tripitaka (named Xuanzang in the original text), and (more…)

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Hobbit Movie Sucked So Hard

***I do not plan for this to be a short piece. Throughout the Internet, you will see that the average recommended blog length should be 1,000 words because people have low attention spans. I say “fuck that,” and am going to 1) do what I want and 2) go on for as long as want. I will not be eloquent and my words will not be academic. No oath nor bond is laid to go further than you will.***

Fran Walsh: [You do find out] the Elves are fighting their own battles and holding the the line against invasions from the north. Attacks are being made in Lothlorien, perhaps not at this phase-
Peter Jackson: It’d be cool to show that, wouldn’t it? That Lothlorien stuff?
Philippa Boyens: Stop it. Stop him now.
Peter Jackson: No, but wouldn’t it be cool? Because it was one of those things that was just hinted in the books.