Ensiferum: One Man Army Review

Ensiferum one man army***Hi everyone. I misled you with the title. I don’t really write reviews, so much as just give my thoughts on something. So this should really have been titled “My Thoughts On Ensiferum’s One Man Army Album”. But whatever.***

All right! Ensiferum, the Viking/epic/heroic/adventurer/new-metal-genre-made-in-the-past-five-seconds metal band is back with a whole new album, One Man Army. After their last album Unsung Heroes, which I thought was a huge disappointment (like, ugh), I was excited to see what they would bring to the table. While I was looking for good songs, I was more keen to see if (more…)


Rammfan’s First Ever Giveaway!

Hi everyone, how’s it going for you all? Hopefully exciting! I’m here to tell you quite amicably that you can be a part of the first ever Rammfan518 giveaway! That’s right, friends, after some seven years of blogging, Rammfan518 will finally do its first giveaway because that’s what blogs are (more…)